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Game Paris Talents, organised in partnership with the Gaîté Lyrique , is the only event in Game Paris directed towards the general public (by reservation only, as the number of places is limited). The event inaugurates the week.

The set of lectures of Game Paris Talents aims to offer answers from the industry community to questions posed by secondary school and university students and their teachers regarding the professions of the video game industry. More and more young enthusiasts are looking for a way to make their passion into their work. But do they know the different professions that are involved in the production of a video game? Are they aware of the implications of a career in video games? What level of qualification is required? What schools offer a path to success? Game Paris Talents is an event that offers a dialogue between professionals within the industry and the young talents of the future.

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In 2011, Game Paris Talents ran for only one morning and focus on younger students. In 2012, the sessions will take place during a full day, the 23rd of November, with two parallel programs, and will offer more content for university students.


Main theme: Discover the professions and courses for the video games industry, within four main sessions.

  1. Amphitheatre lecture: General presentation of the sector, with detail on the production process for a video game to introduce the different professions and their interactions from the conception to completion of a product
  2. Round table sessions with professionals from different categories in the Professional Specialism list
  3. Contributions from students in the form of stands in the Video Game space (1st floor), with presentations of their work
  4. A pedagogic tour / open doors of the schools, the following day (Saturday the 24th) throughout the morning. Schools participating are free to invite those interested to visit their campus.

Game Paris Talents 2011

Crédit Photo AFJV – Tous droits réservés

The first event of Game Paris, Game Paris Talents took the form of a number of lectures offering information on the professions of the video game industry, and targeted secondary and university students. It was organised the 2nd of December in partnership with the Gaîté Lyrique. Around 120 people (principally younger students) attended this event that offered a dialogue with six professionals representing the different specialisms involved in the creation of a video game.

Extract from the commentary of Renaud Jungman, Director of studies at LISAA

« […] I truly appreciated this first event. The context was very favorable, I think. Easy to reach, it’s great that the venue is located in central Paris in a pleasant area. The welcome was excellent, the amphitheater chosen was superb. The projection, sound and presentations were very good overall. The setting really adds to the event. The round table of professional discussions was very nice! The speakers presented their specialisms very well, and spoke highly of their passion […] bravo! The panorama was complete. The occasion to present their work and involve participants was something our students greatly appreciated. […]

The space offered to meet the different training courses was also well done. The public showed a clear interest! Many were really there to inform themselves and seek information on our profession. […]

Well done! You can rely on us for the next edition ».